January 12- February 19, 2017

Opening Reception January 12, 7PM

Paz Perlman, a conceptual artist based in New York, grew up in Israel where her chilood was shaped by war and loss. Her artworks reflect the slow, fragile process of healing the scars left by time and events.  Perlman’s works “are born of a desire to piece together history,” wrote art critic Katherine Brooks. “Not just her history, but a blanket of past trauma and pain that’s wound its way in and out of Perlman’s life.”


Perlman scavenges discarded objects, which she often combines with more traditional materials like metal, wood, textiles, and paper. Her sculptures, installations and bricolage often resemble ruin-like grids which represent the continuous process of destruction and rebirth, insights stemming from her 20-year study and practice of Zen Buddhism and Taoist philosophy.In her artistic practice, Perlman relies on experimentation and intuition, treating her studio as a playground. By putting an emphasis on the process rather than the end result, her works are more of a question mark than a statement and allow the viewer to be part of her questing.


Before Thought, on view from January 12 to February 19, explores Perlman’s relationship to the Void, which can seem a vast, dark, and empty space, but she perceives it as the fountainhead of infinite possibilities. “By challenging my own notion of identity – stripping away all the stories I believe about myself and facing the emptiness, or void, in my life,” she says. “I am able to touch the present moment and go beyond the idea that I create in isolation. This mystical moment, before a thought arises, is the very second I bring an impulse into form.”