happylucky no.1 is pleased to announce our upcoming Mendoza-Pavone Summer Series. Taking place on August 7, 14, and 21, this series promises to be an exciting combination of musical talents


Violin duet Du.O will be kicking off the series on August 7 at 8pm. Since September 2018, musicians Aimée Niemann and Charlotte Munn-Wood have been working within the framework of a chant melody by Hildegard von Bingen. By appropriating and sampling this song from the Middle Ages, they are able to improvise and bring the piece into the contemporary world while retaining its timeless dignity. Following Du.O that evening will be Weston Minissali, a composer and an avid player of the synthesizer. Using a electronic piano and a synthesizer, Minissali will perform a single, long work that will abandon any formal song structure. Like Du.O Minissali takes inspiration from a chant of the past, this time a Zen Buddhist chant entitled Daihishin Dharani.

On August 14, the organizers of this series will be taking the stage. Beginning at 8pm, Jessica Pavone’s J. Pavone String Ensemble will perform. Known for her abstract and vibrantly tonal compositions, Pavone and her ensemble will further explore and build upon the themes found in her solo practice. After Pavone’s ensemble there will be a solo performance by Ava Mendoza. The multifaceted guitarist, singer, songwriter and composer will perform in Mendoza’s signature mode of free-flowing and expressive guitar and vocals. Known for her experience in punk and blues music, Mendoza expertly takes these forms and blends them to create exciting and new sounds.


Finally, on August 21, the series will conclude with MV Carbon and Cygnus X-1. Using a multitude of instruments and tools- including cello, voice, magnetic tape, gongs, amplified objects, and electronics -MV Carbon explores the abstract concepts of consciousness, empiricism, and interchangeability. Cygnus X-1 will bring the series to a close. The trio that makes up Cynus X-1 is Brandon Seabrook, Henry Fraser, and Chuck Bettis. Although all of them have worked together in various capacities, including the music group Die Trommel Fatale, this will be the first time the group is publicly performing live.

We hope to see you in August for what will surely be a memorable music series here at happylucky no.1.