An Unbelievable True Story of Sex, Power and Monsters

In Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Medusa was a young maiden in service to the temple of Athena.  When she caught Poseidon’s attention her fate was sealed - the god forced himself on her in the temple, yet Athena condemned Medusa for having lost her purity, and turned her into the hideous gorgon monster we know, with snakes for hair, so dangerous and hideous that her gaze will turn a man to stone.  

 Medusa Volution is inspired by her story - by the loss of her humanity, and her condemnation and isolation as a punishment for her sexuality meted out by both male and female gods.   Medusa the monster is but one in a Pantheon of female archetypes whose stories are the morality plays of the patriarchy. Medusa Volution takes a darkly comedic, immersive look at what is really going on with Medusa and some of her sister archetypes, juxtaposing the message within their stories against interludes of modern womanhood, ultimately with a hopeful urge toward transcendence.

February 8th to 24th 

Thursday to Saturday 8pm, Sunday 5pm


Feb 4 + 5 Pop-Up Benefit Dinners - $125 

(No Show)

Feb 14 - Valentine’s Day Reception - $50 

Feb 13, 20 & 27 Wednesday Music Concerts

(No Show)

Conceived and directed by Sophie Amieva

Written by Sophie Amieva and Suzanne Bagert

Stage manager: Christina Schmidt

Set and costume: Katerina Marcelja

Light: Sarah Lurie

Sounds: Liz Stanton

Butoh: Vangeline

Video: Magin Schantz

 Ensemble: Chandler Eliah Eason, Julia Cavagna, Julia Gu, Kayla Juntilla, Irina Varina, Gabrielle Young