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June 6 - July 7

Opening reception - June 6th, 2019, 7PM

happylucky no.1 is pleased to present POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN, an exhibition and program series by interdisciplinary artist JOJO ABOT.

This project is the result of a layered and complex combination of mediums, which include film, photography, acrylic and watercolor works, textiles, sculpture, and sound installations. This multifaceted approach is for an equally ambitious purpose. As the artist puts it, “this body of work serves as a reflection of the anxieties and joys of my own pursuit of self knowledge, divine wisdom, freedom, and the ever elusive idea of home outside of the physical manifestation of self.” 

In an installation entitled Consequence of Movement, the artist offers an exploration of the subject of movement as the very basis of imagination, creation, and evolution. Looking closely at the relationship between intention and the realization of particular outcomes as anchors of manifestation, the artist affirms the connection between all things living and nonliving, material and immaterial, human and superhuman as she weaves a thread between the roles of consciousness, identity, spirituality, social dynamics, nature and art in creating synergy and harmony towards divine consequence. 

With this dynamic approach and collective intent in mind, ABOT will also be reaching out to individuals and communities within Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Along with the physical work within the gallery, the artist’s time in the neighborhood will result in “activations” in the space that are in direct conversation with the people of Crown Heights. On June 6, June 9, June 12, June 13, and June 16, ABOT will be creating unique performances based on her time in and outside the gallery. In a statement, ABOT writes that “through this self-led pilgrimage, I emerge from the portals of my imaginations, fears and dreams far more honest, audacious, raw, and vulnerable in my offerings. It is with this humbling sense of gratitude inspired awe, that I invite a global community into this sacred space and time of presence, empathy, and rebirth as we manifest a lighthouse that awakens ancestral memory towards sacred collective healing. Our time is now to rise unite, and restore POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN.”

The opening of the exhibition will also serve as the release of the artists’s third EP under the same title as the exhibition, POWER TO THE GOD WITHIN. More details regarding the activations will be announced to the public shortly.

Afropunk: ON GOD, HOME, AND POWER WITH JOJO ABOTT (June 15, 2019)

Bedford + Bowery

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