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Resonance no.1: performance and conversation

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Resonance is a series of performances and conversations inviting us to reflect on our perception of reality.

How do we perceive? 
How much of our perception is shaped by our experience, our memory, our collective belief system? How does our perception affect the reality we are participating in?
What happens when we experience a shift of perception? individually? Collectively? 

Resonance is bringing us in quest of the reality we are shaping together. 
The evening will start with a performance followed by a conversation with a panel of guests from various backgrounds.

Resonance no.1: The little girl and the river
There are some things hidden through those visible, there is water in water...( Gnostic Gospel of Philip)

Performance of Butoh dance, music and moving images
Butoh dance: Stephanie Larriere, Brandon Perdomo
Glass music: Katie Down
Percussions and Vocals: Quince Marcum
Vocals: Fada- Ali Dineen, Eleonore Weil and Amy Carrigan

Moving images: Karen Zasloff

Conversation facilitated by Ed Cohen, Ph.D. in Modern Thought from Stanford and professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Rutgers University. Ed also hosts a counseling practice for people with chronic and life threatening illnesses ( based on his training in psychosynthesis and his four decades of participation in Continuum movement with his root teachers Susan Harper and the late Emilie Conrad. 

Ed will facilitate a participatory experience and conversation with guests and the audience on our relation to time perception and our transformative nature.