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One More Revolution | Wake/Rise


ONE MORE REVOLUTION | WAKE/RISE : An Invitation, A Celebration, A Listening, A Launch

The Operating System is thrilled to invite you to a very special evening in celebration of the simultaneous release of two works by Andrea Mazzariello: One More Revolution, a new volume forthcoming from The Operating System, and Wake/Rise , the vinyl record imprint of a new composition by Mazzariello.

The event will feature a performance One More Revolution , with text read by Mazzariello accompanied by musical selections that appear in the book on vinyl, an opportunity to be the first to listen to W ake/Rise , and a special live performance of Home Body -- a new composition by Mazzariello played by David Degge, who commissioned the work.

About the work / about the performers:

One More Revolution writes through the intimate, personal practice of listening to music, of living with music. Beginning with self-interrogation into the author’s growing obsession with collecting vinyl records, the narrative spins out into a meditation on how we come to know the music we love, how voices from the past animate and complicate that knowing, and how the ways we consume music tell a deeper story about the ways that music means. Somewhere between memoir and theory, this book demonstrates that personal revelations can animate the work of analysis, that a poetic voice can make a formal claim, and ultimately, that language can articulate the ways that music moves us.

Advance praise for OMR:

"Writing about Mazzariello’s book is a bit like writing about music; it is elusive, yet clearly communicates; it is in our hands, not so unlike an LP, and we can feel its contents, believe that we can own it, but it slips through our fingers like sand, leaving a textured impression. And, as with our experiences with music, we learn and grow and feel through its embrace. This is poetic, personal, and full of humanity, it is beautifully written, warm, but with sharp edges, not so unlike the combination of vinyl and diamond-tipped needles that, together, bring “the music itself” to us, with the aid of our ever-learning hands. It is a love song, indeed, for all of us who love music." - Dan Trueman

"A kaleidoscopic blend of ethnomusicology, memoir, philosophy, and poetry, this lyrically soaring meditation on music and identity invites us to reflect, ever so gently, on the ways and reasons we engage with music, love it deeply, and strive endlessly to grok its ineffability with words. Mazzariello's words, chosen with insight, elegance, and grit, add to this human endeavor with unique and unforgettable illumination." - Sarah Kirkland Snider

Wake/Rise is One More Revolution Records 003, the studio recorded version of Andrea Mazzariello’s one-person-band performance piece. He sings, plays drums and synthesizer, and operates various electronics in order to create a long-form work that’s part rock EP and part minimalist rhythm study. The piece works through an awakening to broader social and political consciousness, told from multiple perspectives. The textual and musical materials break into fragments, evolve, recombine, and ultimately fall away and end where they began: wordless voice against an analog synth drone.

Home Body was written by Andrea Mazzariello for David Degge, as part of his initiative to commission new works for hammered dulcimer. The piece asks David to play irregular patterns in the dulcimer in his hands while his feet lay down a basic 4/4 break between kick drum and hi hat. His voice enters and adds another level of independence, and then the hands pull apart into a more contrapuntal texture as the vocal part continues to intensify. The words reshuffle and recycle over the course of the piece, folding the mundane details of daily life into something more profound, or perhaps discovering profundity in the seemingly mundane.

Andrea Mazzariello (b. 1978) is a composer, performer, writer, and teacher. He works at the intersections of text and sound, popular and art music, traditional playing technique and one-man-band-inspired performance physiology.

His concert music has been performed by leading contemporary music ensembles, including Sō Percussion, Mobius Percussion, NOW Ensemble, and Newspeak, and presented at Carnegie Hall, National Sawdust, and San Francisco’s Center for New Music, among many others. SEAMUS and New Amsterdam Records have released recordings of his electronic and chamber music. Active as a performer, he plays a unique and continually evolving instrumental setup, including keyboard, drum set, voice, and electronics. He has contributed essays to Albany Records, the Baryshnikov Arts Center Stories series, the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music blog, and Princeton University Press’ forthcoming The Pocket Instructor: Writing. The Operating System will publish his first book, O ne More Revolution , in 2017.

He completed his Ph.D. in Music Composition at Princeton University, writing on the vinyl resurgence and its connection to our ideas of physicality and abstraction in music analysis, and then joined the faculty of the Princeton Writing Program, where he taught several first-year music-centered writing
seminars. Currently he teaches composition, music technology, and music fundamentals as Visiting Assistant Professor of Music at Carleton College, directs the composition program at the Sō Percussion Summer Institute, and runs One More Revolution Records.

David Degge (b. 1987) exemplifies the modern innovative percussionist. His artistry combines virtuosity on percussion instruments, a collaborative spirit in ensemble music, dedication to mentorship, and the determination to carve out a new repertoire for the hammered dulcimer. His recent performance with Sō Percussion of Steve Reich’s Drumming at Lincoln Center was hailed by the New York Times for its “clarity and vivacity...a pure, uncluttered pleasure.” David was a founding member of the quartet Mobius Percussion, a group that specializes in blending voice and percussion. He has recently been performing a new body of commissioned solo pieces integrating hammered dulcimer, with works by Quinn Collins, Mazzariello, Jason Treuting, and Aurel Hollo.

David was a Fulbright fellow recipient, has a Masters in Percussion Performance from the Peabody Conservatory, and is now a Percussion Teaching Fellow in Sō Percussion’s program at the Bard Conservatory of Music.