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Asuncion Lozano & Pedro Osakar: CITIZENS: Identity and Difference

happylucky No.1 is pleased to announce CITIZENS: Identity and Difference, a collaborative exhibition of work by Spanish artists Asuncion Lozano and Pedro Osakar. The exhibition includes work created expressly for this exhibition exploring the concept of identity and its social and political implications. No longer stable or predetermined, identity today is dependent on constant changes in our globalized contemporary world and subjected to the caprices of various governments.  

This exhibition considers the cultural conventions of gender and race, taking into account various strategies of image representation. Artworks on view include a still life-like installation in which vases and decorative objects have been assembled based on text lines. The words have been closely selected and the vases have been organized randomly to represent all the races and ethnicities of the world; other vases acknowledge all the gender identity possibilities and also attempt to reflect emotions and personalities. The work suggests a metaphor for the multiple identities experienced in a globalized society.

Lozano and Osakar are also interested in analyzing our vulnerability when we expose ourselves publicly. The exhibition includes portraits of anonymous people as they were falling asleep on the train. Passengers tend to be particularly vulnerable on train rides, periods of time when they are less conscious of other people and less concerned with social conventions and their public persona, revealing their human condition. 

Lozano and Osakar currently live in Granada, Spain. They are both artists and professors at the Fine Arts Faculty in the Universidad de Granada. They have presented their work in more than 15 solo exhibitions and close to 50 group shows. Their work is included in various public and private collections, and they have been granted numerous awards and scholarships.