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Closing reception and conversation

Florencia Walfisch | Time as Space

Closing reception and conversation with textile scholar Mae Colburn

Saturday, April 1 2017, 6pm-8pm

The work begins in that internal world […] the encounter with the material starts to make it visible, to give it form.                    - Florencia Walfisch

Inner thoughts made visible, instincts given form. This talk invokes an ongoing conversation with the artist about her process and materials, which began in an email interview in August 2014. In the interview the artist described each artwork as accessible first on the level of instinct, emotion, thought, and then becoming visual, becoming tactile through an encounter with fabric, needle and thread. This process of becoming through the gesture of stitchwork will be considered in relation to the artworks present with us in the gallery, and to the gestural languages of stitchwork present in contemporary art. 

Mae Colburn is a weaver and textile scholar based in New York City. She teaches at Parsons School of Design.