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8pm: Andrew Lamb Trio 9pm: Joe McPhee || Trio X Legacy


gaucimusic presents:

Big Fat Music Wednesdays @ happylucky no.1
December 20th

8pm: Andrew Lamb Trio

Andrew Lamb - tenor saxophone / William Parker - bass / Michael Wimberly - drums

**Andrew Lamb is a jazz saxophonist and flautist, who came into New York City's avant-garde community during the 1970s, becoming an active presence in the Bedford Stuyvesant arts world. Lamb and his own ensembles perform regularly in the New York area, and have frequently performed at the annual Vision Festival. Lamb performed with the Henry Grimes Quartet with Marshall Allen and Hamid Drake at the 10th Annual Vision Festival. Lamb has also been part of Alan Silva's Sound Visions Orchestra, and a member of the Cecil Taylor Big Band. Lamb toured with the Henry Grimes-led quartet Spaceship on the Highway and the Sublime Communications Trio. Steven Loewy of Allmusic writes that Andrew Lamb is "a serious musician seeking to uplift his soul through art, and, like John Coltrane and his progeny, Lamb's vehicle is the psalm-like expression of his tenor saxophone. The results reflect his quest, testifying to his musical abilities, enormous potential, and depth of character." **

9:15pm: Joe McPhee || Trio X Legacy

Joe McPhee - tenor saxophone / Dominic Duval Jr. - bass / Jay Rosen - drums / Rosie Hertlein - violin

**An often overlooked figure in the history of avant-garde jazz, Joe McPhee quietly influenced generations of sax players. Since his emergence on the creative jazz and new music scene in the late '60s and early '70s, McPhee has been a deeply emotional composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist, as well as a thoughtful conceptualist and theoretician. With a career now spanning well over half a century, and appearances on over 100 recordings, McPhee has shown that emotional content and theoretical underpinnings are thoroughly compatible -- and in fact, a critically important pairing -- in the world of creative improvised music." **