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Scott Dolan, Jason Duverney-Gaspar, and Elisa Soliven | Maybe Tomorrow

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Maybe Tomorrow

Scott Dolan, Jason Duverney-Gaspar, and Elisa Soliven

curated by Mildred Beltre and DJ Hellerman

November 30 - December 22, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday November 30,  7-9pm

 Maybe Tomorrow brings together the work of three artists whose work presents moments of pause and reexamination.

Each in their own way, Scott Dolan, Jason Duverney-Gaspar, and Elisa Soliven situate their work at an isolated moment within a much larger allegory that encourage us to consider the power of creating our own myths, of examining our relationships, and observing the world with a keen eye alert to the possibility of the a multitude of things unfolding.

Dolan’s quiet and wry gouache drawings, Duverney-Gaspar’s daily drawing practice of searching and struggling, and Soliven’s solid yet precarious groupings of individuals reform and recast the everyday where the potential of our daily narratives can be pathetic, poignant,obsessive, powerful, or violent. 

All of the work in the exhibition presents a cautious and patient optimism that the things we fight for and endure could shift, if not today then maybe tomorrow...


Artist Information:

Elisa Soliven: Statement and Bio:

I aim to create work that’s idiosyncratic and archaeological. I am drawn to ceramic for   the immediacy with which it conveys the working process, and for the way in which it captures a sense of the talismanic in the ordinary. The sculptures serve as a record ofmy inquiry to capture the essence of my subjects both figurative and abstract, as well as to preserve a frozen history of gestural mark-making. I symbolically transfigure thesubject through an accumulation of modeled layers of clay and embedded ceramic and found bits from previous works. Working with constructed forms in clay and found materials, I rework the familiarity of the everyday object of the vessel into idiosyncratic inventions.

Elisa Soliven, born in New York City; lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  She received an M.F.A. in Painting from Hunter College in 2011 and a B.A. from Bryn Mawr College. Her work has been reviewed by Two Coats of Paint, Art Critical, and Hyperallergic. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Nudashank, Baltimore; Daily Operation at Bull & Ram, NYC; and Sardine, Brooklyn, among others. She is also a co-founder of the Bushwick based artist collective,  Underdonk.

Jason Duverney-Gaspar: Statement and Bio:
My work is restless and varied. Some of Its tendencies are immediate while others long term. For years I have been working in ink, performance and wood/linoleum cuts. The risks and immediacy associated with these mediums feels truest to life in that they are difficult to control- and so I build ideas on top of ideas. The texts, images and actions in my drawings and performances both make sense and are absurd, built narratives that illustrate contradiction, failure, power and struggle. Where I am in life at a specific moment determines my interests; however I am forever motivated by the everyday, the extremes of urban and rural landscapes, language, and adventure.

My practice is also built around people and plants. As result of broken political systems, wars, environmental degradation and cultural bouts, my response is to organize. At this moment I am working to build the School of Experimental Horticulture. The SOEH’s intent is to challenge and grow horticulture as a practice. Other works include Plant Justice, a collaboration with Immigrant Movement International, Mobile Print Power and Queens Museum of Art and Biomodd a collaboration with founder Angelo Vermeulen and many other artists, engineers and designers.


Scott Dolan: Statement and Bio:

My work draws together elements of my own personal experience and consolidates them into a lyrical and fictive space that alludes to a constellation of issues ranging from the commonly sublime to the bafflingly mundane. These small gouache paintings, done in a more-or-less hand-sized scale are meant to be held close and considered. The process of making the pictures allows them to evolve on the page over time as I paint them. A slow accumulation of marks allows the pictures to accrue a complexity of ideas, even when the images remain formally simple.

Scott Dolan was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He received his MFA from the University of Iowa. Currently he lives, works and otherwise lingers in various parts of Brooklyn.


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