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Jeff Davis Ensemble


Jeff Davis || Denver General

Jeff Davis - drums, Kirk Knuffke - cornet, Jonathan Goldberger - guitar/electronics

Drummer/composer Jeff Davis is known as the “propulsive force behind a host New York mainstays” (Matthew Miller - All About Jazz), including Kirk Knuffke, Robin Verheyen, Anna Webber, Jesse Stacken, and Michael Bates.  A mainstay and in-demand drummer on the creative NYC music scene for nearly two decades, Jeff Davis is a passionate poet at the drum set, a powerful improviser, and compelling composer.

Denver General is the collective improvising trio of three friends that moved to NYC by way of Colorado. Jeff Davis and Kirk Knuffke are natives of Colorado and Jon Goldberger lived there for many years and studied there before making the move to the big city. This trio has been playing together for over fifteen years and has played many gigs. The connection between Jeff, Kirk and Jon is really quite magical..