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Jazztopad Festival Presents: Piotr Damasiewicz and Gerard Lebik Duo = "veNN Circles" (with screening of short films by well-known Polish animator Stefan Schabenbeck)

veNN Circles is the duo of Gerard Lebik and Piotr Damasiewicz. Their music is found on the boundary of EAI, free improvisation, and the broadly defined tradition of Live Electronic Music. The duo was formed in March of 2012 and released a records on the Bocian and Zopan Records / B.D.T.A. Labels.

veNN Circles Schabenbeck – A screening of short films by well-known Polish animator Stefan Schabenbeck will be the venue for an electroacoustic composition of the veNN Circles duo (Lebik/Damasiewicz). 

In the 60s, Schabenbeck already foresaw the consequences and influences of technological progress in his animated films, both in the social-political arena and in the transformations our civilization is undergoing. The universality of his works, paired with a desire to show them in a new sound culture, are the reasons veNN Circles couldn’t pass by Stefan Schabenbeck’s works indifferently and created their new project:  „Polish Animation – Reinterpretations.”

Stefan Schabenbeck trained as a cameraman at the Lodz Film School. „Everything is a Number” (1966), his debut animated film, was widely acclaimed. He won many awards around the world (Łódź, Lipsk, Oberhausen, Annecy, San Francisco, Buenos Aires). In his subsequent works, Schabenbeck continued to stand out as one of the most interesting creators of Polish animated films. His films are undoubtedly works of art, reinforced by countless awards. His joint effort with Henryk Ryska, „Exclamation Mark,” aired at Cannes. Schabenbeck’s short but intense career ended in the early 70s. The film director emigrated from Poland. Today, his animated films are found in many anthologies of classic Polish animation. 

Filmography of Stefan Schabenbeck

Everything is a Number (1966)

Stairs (1968)

The Drought (1969)

Wind (1969)

Invasion (1970) 

 presented in partnership with the Polish Cultural Institute New York