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Sparrow X's book launch with Sparrow and guests

Sparrow will be launching his new Book HOW TO SURVIVE THE COMING COLLAPSE OF CIVILIZATION (and Other Helpful Hints)!

Sparrow will read and friends will read or perform.

Featuring Sylvia Gorelick (poet), Myk Freedman (musician), Sam Gregory (storyteller), Lynne DeSilva-Johnson (writer/artist) and (maybe) others!


Sparrow, the poet, essayist, songwriter & shamanic activist, will read from his new book How to Survive the Coming Collapse of Civilization (and other helpful hints!) at the HappyLucky no. 1 Gallery on Thursday, June 16 (6/16/16). This new book, produced by Brooklyn-based publisher The Operating System, is unique in human history. The first section is a self-help guide to life after the fall of today’s techno-oligarchy. Sample advice: “Dance at a rest stop,” “Sleep under towels,” “Memorize the encyclopedia,” “Bless your vagina.” The second part consists of one word poems, with titles, such as:

Poem D


The third section, “Fake Wisdom,” is a collection of quotes by famous people – all of which are written by Sparrow. Examples:

“Americans spend too much time trying to impress their cats.” -Wayne Gretzky

“It’s easy to predict the future; it’s just the past times 1.3.” -Niels Bohr

“Almost all sadists love puns.”-Anna Freud

Discounted copies of How to Survive the Coming Collapse of Civilization (and other helpful hints!) will be available, signed by the author!

Sylvia Mae Gorelick is a writer who lives in New York City. Her chapbooks include Seven Poems for Bill Berkson, Two-Suitor 3 (with Tamas Panitz), and Olympians, we are breathless for the project “Poetry will be made by all!” curated by 89plus. Her poems have recently appeared in the anthologies For Bill, Anything: Images and Text for Bill Berkson and In|Filtration, as well as in the magazine The Doris. Her translation of Paolo D’Iorio’s book, Nietzsche’s Journey to Sorrento, is forthcoming from Chicago University Press.

Lynne DeSilva-Johnson is a slinger of image, text, sound, and code, a frequent collaborator across a wide range of disciplines, a community activist, and a regular curator of events in NYC and beyond. She has served as an adjunct in the CUNY system for a decade, and as a K-12 teaching artist around NYC since 2001. She graduated with a double BA in Fine Arts and Anthropology-Sociology from Swarthmore College, has a Masters Degree in Urban Design from CCNY and is ABD for her PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the CUNY Graduate Center. As a social practice artist and poet, Lynne has appeared at The Dumbo Arts Festival, Naropa University, Bowery Arts and Science, The NYC Poetry Festival, Eyebeam, Poets House, Undercurrent Projects, Mellow Pages, The New York Public Library, The Poetry Project, Industry City Distillery, Independent Curators International, and the Cooper Union, among others. She began blogging in 2003 and has been deeply involved in citizen journalism initiatives both online and off since that time. Lynne serves as a contributing editor at the 23-year old, East Village based Boog City, and is the founder and managing editor of The Operating System, an arts organization and independent publisher based in Brooklyn, where her family has lived since the 1890s.

Sparrow lives in Phoenicia, N.Y. with his spouse, Violet Snow. Every day he plays the flutophone, while walking, for two minutes. Sparrow is currently running for President of the United States.