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Opening reception for Wild Seeds


What science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler grants us through her writings is a dynamic world of human flaws and potentials. Through her work, we can draw inspiration, confront corruption and repression, and immerse ourselves in the knowledge that we can create through our imagination new paradigms of community and civilization.

Wild Seeds will include artists whose work critically engages such topics as difference, the environment, corporatocracy, gentrification, immigration, debt slavery and what the future may hold if, in Butler’s words, we humans ‘don’t stop misbehaving’.  These artists examine human conditions as filtered through the lens of Butler’s oeuvre, using her writing as a diving board into a pool of possibilities for imagining futures in the wake of present socio-political and cultural conditions of oppression and enslavement within the age of the anthropocene.

During the month-long exhibition, the gallery will become a library and community think-tank, hosting book-making workshops, readings, screenings and performances. In addition to Butler’s novels, other books, both gathered, collected and made, will be available to the public for viewing.

Participating Artists

Annie Berman, Marissa Bluestone, Jon Bonfiglio, Clara Darrason, Priyanka Dasgupta, Constance De Jong, D'achi Cole, Andrew Erdos, Angel Favorite, Shawn Fraser, Christina Freeman, Gage of the Boone, Rebecca Goyette, Diana Lee, Riitta Ikonen, Kevin Kelly, Devin Kenny, Lee Von Kraus, Chad Marshall, Jasmine Murrell, Alex Petrowski, Shellyne Rodriguez, Salpy Semerdjian, Sienna Shields, Elizabeth Tubergen, Candice Williams, Marisa Williamson, Ariel Zakarison

Later Event: March 4
Wild Seeds