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FireSloth music series


Adam Shneit/Zack Swanson. “(Shniet's) music is immensely charming…infectious and inventive…a delight and quite unlike anything I’ve heard in a long while.” –Bruce Lee Gallanter, Donwtown Music Gallery. Swanson and Schneit explore the complementary textures of clarinet and double bass, with melodies both elliptically searching and beautifully meditative. Adam Shneit-clarinet, Zack Swanson-bass


Myk Freedmam and the Myk Freedmans. “Lap-steel whiz Myk Freedman excels at intensely evocative instrumentals that draw on Dixieland, klezmer and avant-garde jazz. His aesthetic is wistful yet subtly surreal.” -Time Out New York. His ensemble consists of New York's top players from the next generation of the Downtown scene. Each Myk Freedman bringing their own expertise be it from the Balkans, from backing the Dirty Projectors, from trad jazz scene or the world of tiny improv.  Their shows are a genre bending exploration of spontaneous arrangements of Freedman's melodic and mysteriously sentimental tunes.  Myk Freedman-lap steel, Kenny Warren-trumpet, Patrick Breiner-reeds, Jason Vance-banjo, Adam Hopkins-bass, Carlo Costa-drums.