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Fall Into Winter: 6PM Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles Downs Trio / 8PM Reut Regev's R*time / 10PM Causing a Tiger

Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles Downs

Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles Downs

6 pm:   Jamie Saft, Joe Morris, Charles Downs Trio;

Jamie Saft-electric piano, Joe Morris- acoustic bass, Charles Downs- drums

Three champions of improvised music join together in a unique electro-acoustic piano trio format. Individually they've been featured on countless albums with artists like Cecil Taylor, Jemeel Moondoc, Lowell Davidson, Anthony Braxton, Wadada Leo Smith, John Zorn, Bad Brains, Beastie Boys, and Joe Maneri. As leaders, each has released scores of forward thinking albums. Together they have been featured on the Quartet release Ticonderoga (Clean Feed) which also includes Joe McPhee. Here Saft, Morris, and Downs will explore this unique trio formation with electric piano, acoustic bass, and drums, channeling years of collaborations both musical and personal. 

Reut Regev's R*time

Reut Regev's R*time

 8 pm:   Reut Regev's R*time;  

Reut Regev - trombones, Igal Foni - Drums, Adam Lane – Bass

R*time combines sophistication and propulsion with a kaleidoscopic appetite for sounds, rhythms, and musical flavors that boggle the mind, excite the body and feed the soul. Reut has been described a: “a wildly diverse stylist blessed with prodigious technique" and an approach which is "joyously unfettered" and "embraces every aspect of the trombone's storied history.” Igal’s drumming draws on an extensive experience in creative improvised music projects on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as encyclopedic knowledge and integration of idioms that range from the blistering energy and science of Heavy Metal to South Indian drumming, Haitian rhythms, straight-ahead jazz and funk. His telepathic interplay with Reut and their shared taste for a groove that defies categorization is at the core of the experience which is R*Time. Since the release of R*time's debut in 2009, R*time has been touring extensively, playing many of Europe's most prestigious Jazz Festivals. This concert will feature mostly new material, from R*time's third release, which was recorded over the summer and will be released in 2017. The new recording, as well as R*time's most recent release on Enja, "ExploRing the vibe" features Jean-Paul Bourelly on Guitar and Mark Peterson on bass.

Causing A Tiger

Causing A Tiger

 10 pm: Causing a Tiger;

Carla Kihlstedt – voice (sometimes violin), Shahzad Ismaily – tenor guitar (sometimes voice), Matthias Bossi – drums, percussion (sometimes voice)

“As I sleep, some dream beguiles me, and suddenly I know I am dreaming. Then I think: This is a dream, a pure diversion of my will; and now I have unlimited power, I am going to cause a tiger.”– Jorge Luis Borges

 Causing a tiger in one’s dreams is always an unpredictable affair. The tiger may have the head of a fish, or the tail of a mouse. It may be green, or it may be covered entirely in buttons. In these inspirations/aberrations, all is revealed, and nothing is sacred.

 The band Causing a Tiger is an improvisational collective made up of three veterans of the contemporary post-genre musical landscape. They have all defied, resisted, and largely avoided categorization in their own musical lives, showing allegiance only to quality and conviction, and not to methodology or style.

 Their live shows test the boundaries of expression and logic. Their mission is to bring the fluidity of dream logic into their collective musical experience. They play a rigorous, improvised set that may sound like a devotional meditation, a travelogue written while dreaming, or a backwards reading of the American Songbook.

 Their first eponymous album is a sonic travelogue weaving together field recordings made while on tour with other bands (Tin Hat, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, 2 Foot Yard), and subsequent musical studio justifications and amendments. Their second album, How We Held Our Post, is a collection of songs, entirely improvised one morning into three microphones in an old farmhouse on Cape Cod.

“Causing a Tiger… went off the deep end in all the right ways… Textures were intermingled beautifully, and this group truly improvised as a collective… They created their own musical world in which they were all-powerful and which the rest of us could merely observe. It was quite an experience.“ — Mathew Cmiel, New Music Box

Later Event: December 5