Florencia Walfisch | Time As Space

Time is a place. Fabric is a space I inhabit, a field of forces. I question the shape; something more than a fold, something less: love, pain. A drawing of bones sounds until I can hear. Each thread brings its own pulse. Lines open directions, color advances: magenta, blue, unknown. Tensing or releasing according to the compression of what’s to come. Going back is building a map. A silence in the plane can hold the landscape. Someone keeps the gestures which are yet to come. I am the first incision, the last one. Now it is a terrain. Time means we are moving in a still space.

Florencia Walfisch, J 2017

Time As Space is the artists second solo exhibition in the US.

Born in Buenos Aires, 1970. Poet and Visual Artist. Her education includes different expressive disciplines focusing for years in drawing and writing. She has trained with Mónica Marcovich, Víctor Chab and Tulio de Sagastizábal. She has done solo shows and participated in various group exhibitions, salons, and interdisciplinary projects. Her writing appears in various publications and anthologies. She takes part in poetry readings and encounters. She coordinated, alongside Ana Lafferranderie, the Ciclo de Lecturas de Poesía (Cycle of Poetry Readings) in Fedro, Bookstore and Cultural Space in San Telmo (2006-2016). Since 2004 she’s been making Textile Art. Since 2010 she’s been hosting Té con Obra, a self-organized art meeting, which includes dialogue with other literary and visual artists. Since 2014, alongside musician Pablo Bronzini, she’s made works that combine the visual with music.



2011 Second Prize, Textile Art, 100th National Salon of Visual Arts

2007 Mention, Textile Art, 96th National Salon of Visual Arts

2007 Mention, 6th Medellín City Latinamerican Poetry Award  

2004 International Poetry Award Jaime Sabines

1995 First Prize Drawing Young Art Salon., Giama Cultural Center


2016 Querida Louise (Dear Louise), with music by Pablo Bronzini, CEC, Rosario

2016 Conversación (Conversation), with Ana Efron, Casa Matienzo

2016 dibujar (To Draw), Cerámicas García       

2015 Lo que tarda el agua en darnos otro nombre, solo show, Gallery Michael Schultz. Berlín

2014 La importancia de los gestos mínimos, solo show, Gallery Molly Krom, New York

2014 Suite de Cuerpos Celestes,  con música de Pablo Bronzini, El ojo Errante

2011 Rojo y verde en el paisaje (Red and Green in the Landscape), solo show, Espacio Cosecha

2007 Bordados y otras hebras (Embroidery and Other Threads), solo show, Espacio Fedro

2006 Vértebras (vertebrae), InstallationFocus, Exhibition Cycle, FM La Tribu

2004 Poemas Enhebrados (Threaded Poems), II Festival de la Belleza (2nd Beauty Festival), Surdespierto Foundation

2004 Poemas Enhebrados (Threaded Poems), Casa de la Ciudad, Oaxaca, México

1998 Drawings, Slides, Installation. Art Space at Sánchez Cultura

1997 Zapatos con Narcisos mientras llueve (Shoes with Daffodils while it Rains), Ricardo Flores Magón Cultural Center, Oaxaca, México

1996 Drawings, Art Gallery Volpe Stessens

1996 Drawings, Art Space Café Astral

1995 Drawings, Art Space Café Pernambuco




Molly Merson is the director of Krom Gallery and Co-Director of MEN gallery both NYC.